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We use Premiere pro and Davinci resolve, but if you guys want us to use other platform such as Vegas pro, Final cut pro, or Avid media you could just let us know.

Our time span is currently 7 days of working hours from the data or footage receive. It will take a while longer if you send us your hard drive. If you are one a tight deadline, we will make our top priority (it comes with special price). We will
keep you posted on everything that we do throughout the project.

For online delivery, we only allow you to submit via Dropbox and Google Drive currently. You can also send us a physical hard drive. We can arrange DHL to pick up the hard drive from your address.
The answer is yes, everyone has their own taste. To speed things up we need some sample that represent your taste. We will make changes until we’ve met your taste. we are your extra hand in this situation.
Of course, no problem partner. we are here until you are satisfied with our work. We adapt our services and pricing to suit what you need. Because we know every video are not the same thus your needs is our top priority.
You can make changes on the first rough cut, and the first online draft. After that we will charge you, if you want to make a major changes such as , the background music (because it will affect the rhythm and the cut of the editing).
Our editors will perform basic colour corrections, such exposure levels and colour balance. This is included in the cost. If you are after a certain look colour grade with your films, there might be an additional cost.
We will send you a preview film to be approved. Once you have approved the preview video, we then send to you via email the link that contains all the project files.

You don’t have to make a down payment. The full payment will be required after you received the final preview.

We are in Indonesia. one of the countries with the best video editor talent.

How to order our services is very easy, there are three ordering methods that we provide to make it easier to use our services:

  1. Order online by filling out the form Click here
  2. Contact us via email hello@amourlizt.com to use our services
  3. Through the contact form that is already available and choosing the subject of the order, you can open it Click here

After you order and have paid a Down Payment of 50% of the total agreed price, then you send the project file via Google Drive, Dropbox, or other storage via email hello@amourlizt.com

After we receive the project file, we will immediately work on it.

Our maximum processing time limit is 7 days, but it is possible that it will be completed faster, and if you need a project faster than 7 days, please consult with us, we will be very helpful.
For those of you who want to see the progress of editing, then we will provide access to the Amourlizt App system, which contains the progress of your project, for those of you who want to know directly can also directly ask our admin via email or telephone.
We will send the final project files and export them all in one folder which we will send via Google Drive or Dropbox.
  1. Order your project through amourlizt.com
  2. After all terms of agrement are set, than you can send us the file.
  3. The lenght of editing process is according to the order.
  4. Project v1 has been completed, a preview will be sent to the client to determine whether or not to revise.
  5. Client sends project revisions via email or smart review software.
  6. We do the revision from the clients.
  7. After we done with the revision, we will send you the preview once more.
  8. Export the final video.
  9. We will send the project and the exported file via Google drive or Dropbox.
  1. Credit Card (Visa , Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  2. Bank Transfer (US Bank with Payonner or indonesia local bank with swift code)
  3. Paypal (Cedit Card & Paypal balance)
  4. Cripto Currency (Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, and all crypto curency that listed in Bainence)
  5. Westen Union
  6. etc (as clients please)

Order Online
With the Online order method, you can directly pay 50% Down Payments using a Credit Card or select the additional payment method option to request another payment method (email to hello@amourlizt.com to request the desired payment method)

If you order via email, we will ask for the desired payment method, then we will provide instructions on how to pay Down Payments according to the desired payment method.

Contact Form
Almost the same as the order method via Email, we will ask for the desired payment method, and we will provide further instructions on how to pay via email.

You will pay off the payment after the preview of the project (video) is final or there are no revisions, we will send a payment invoice, after we receive the payment we will send the final project file directly.
We use Stripe as a payment gateway, with a high level of transaction security, Stripe also provides very tight security for its users.