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About Us

Amourlizt is a group of people who believe in love since love is a soul recognition of it’s counter point in another. That is why Amour is created. Our goal is to make you feel that feeling all over again with our 10 years of our experiences in postproduction. We believe we can make it happen.

3 reason why amourlizt is ideal for videographer

Here are couple of reasons that we think might save your time.
It’s not just offering a sweet talk, but we have been through a lot, as same as yours.


Amourlizt Editors are very devoted in their work, they are very persistent and highly capable of understanding the vital part of your video.


Editing process can be stressful, even tiring sometimes and that’s totally fine. An idea of sitting down in front of the computer for 10-12 hour in a day can be a waste of time, when you have that many clients that you need to deal with. Think of us as your extra hands


Let’s face the fact more clients equal more money, but more clients mean more work that need to be done. When you have that many competitors you need to hustle. What we are trying to say is let’s go to infinity and beyond, Partner!
Wedding photo in the mountains. Wedding ceremony in the woods

our best bits

Making our best bits is never been easy, but we put heart and soul into those projects.
Take a look at some of them.


Brief list of FAQs

What editing platform do you use?

We use Premiere pro and Davinci resolve, but if you guys want us to use other platform such as Vegas pro, Final cut pro, or Avid media you could just let us know.

How long is your editing process?

Our time span is currently 2-3 weeks from the data or footage receive. It will take a while longer if you send us
your hard drive. If you are one a tight deadline, we will make our top priority (it comes with special price). We will keep you posted on everything that we do throughout the project.

How do I get my footage to you?

For online delivery, we only allow you to submit via Dropbox and Google Drive currently. You can also send us a physical hard drive. We can arrange DHL to pick up the hard drive from your address.

Will you edit to my style?

The answer is yes, everyone has their own taste. To speed things up we need some sample that represent your taste. We will make changes until we’ve met your taste. we are your extra hand in this situation.

got a question?

We’re glad you’d like to reach out to us to discuss us producing your next video. Please utilize our email contact below to reach out to us further. We look forward to working further with you.

Special Moment

Getting married is a historic moment in someone’s life that should not be forgotten. Therefore, it is important to capture every beautiful moment through photos or videos so that it can be remembered forever. Not only as a keepsake, but also as a form of documentation that will become part of the family legacy in the future. Don’t let this special moment disappear without a trace due to busy daily activities.
Young Caucasian couple's wedding day
Happy newly wed couple at the church
A luxurious bride in a wedding dress in the morning in her interior


All pricing and figures provided are a general quote.
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